Telling Tales…


Exhibition runs from November 16th – December 12th


Mayfair library                                               

25 South Audley St.                                                                                            Monday – Friday 11 am – 7 pm

London W1K 2PB                                                                                                      Saturday 10.30 am – 2 pm




The roots of popular fairy tales and folklore can be traced through time and across belief systems all over the world – Cinderella, for example, is recorded in versions from 9th century a.d China and further into the past. With each culture the heroes and heroines take on different virtues reflecting not only the storytellers take on their society, but also their individual roles in it. 

This mixed media exhibition gathers together a group of international artists, all of whose work tells tales - some recounting their own stories, some interpreting stories that have had an impact on them.








Work from left to right by:

Marisol Cavia, Cristina Cocullo, Emanuela Franchini, Gemma Lowe

Cat Roisetter, Iain Sharpe, Jakeline Londono



All work is for sale.


For prices please contact Camille Rodskjaer on