The Font of Knowledge

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Book Sculptures

In these sculptures Marisol is exploring traditional notions of the book as a container of knowledge, and how these notions are in tension with contemporary forms of communication. The book appears to spill out of the volume assigned to it, flowing out as water from a fountain does. In the age of the Internet, information is often metaphorically described as a fluid - information is not static, it is said to 'flow', and live information is said to be transmitted in 'streams' - one of the most popular data transfer technologies is even called 'Bit-Torrent'. These books are a sculptural expression of an imagined meeting point between an era of static information - the printing press - and the fluid state of information in the digital age.

                                     Anil Bawa


E=MC2 - Physics Gallery

London Biennale August 2004

Curated by Jill Rock