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Forgotten Languages

Marisol Cavia



In the last three months I have been asking my friends and family to make a heart from one hundred grams of clay. I recorded the hands of each participant as they modelled their heart, and collected a relic of the moment. Finally, I asked them what they considered to be the most important aspect of friendship. The sound-track to the video contains the replies in Morse code.


In the order of preference here are some of the answers:


Loyalty             Fidelity                 Sincerity


        Honesty          To be there          Trust


Generosity       Sharing             Constancy  


  Complicity    To be oneself   Permanence


       To meet again      Tolerance     Respect


  Acceptance           Understanding


          The ability to make one another laugh


   Comfort                     To be at ease


London Gallery West,

University of Westminster, 2005.

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