Curriculum Vitae



Born in Salamanca, Spain.



Education and Qualifications

University of Westminster, B.A. Hons Ceramics

‘Agua, Aire, Fuego, Piedras y Paginas’, Castillo de Argueso(March), Centro Faro Cabo Mayor Santander (June) and at several other locations including Burgos and Bilbao, Spain.

'Rangoli', Arnuero, Spain.

‘REFLEJOS’, Biblioteca Central, Santander, Spain.
‘TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT’, Arthouse, London.

'El Sabor del Arte de Marisol Cavia', Noja, Spain.

‘Espacios Sensibles’, Colegio de Arquitectos, Santander, Spain.

‘SAL at Ruas’, Sala Ruas, Laredo, Spain.

‘International Simposium SIANOJA’, Noja, Spain.

‘I Myself’, Sala Ruas, Laredo, Spain.

'SAL at LEON', Vela Zanetti Gallery, Leon, Spain.
‘Muerto de Amor’, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Gallery, London.
'Needle', CDOs and Double Clubs, August art Gallery, London.

'Marisol at Leeds College of Art and Design', Leeds, UK.

'Telling Tales', Mayfair Library, London.

'Garibaldi – Man of Freedom, Man of Humanity', Museo storico di Bergamo, La Rocca, Italy & Montevideo, Uruguay.

'Singing for Freedom', 'Feeling is Prayer' and other works, Free Wordshow, Mayfair Library, London.

'Seamstress Nightmare' and other works, Schmatte Couture, Ben Uri at the Rivington Gallery, London.

'English Translations', Curator, including installations Forgotten Languages, Genetic Selection and Singing for Freedom, Sala Naos, Santander.

'Day & Night Magic', Stracci al Vento II, Graz, Austria.

'Entre Dos Mundos' and other works,, SAL, Instituto Cervantes, London.

‘Esquilos Lejanos’, Museum of History, Zaragoza, Spain.

‘For Better & For Worse’, SAL Art Event, London.

‘What is the Colour of Music’, RGBCastle, Turin, Italy.

‘Altar to Beslan’, MUDATE Exhibition, Colindres Casa de Cultura, Spain.

‘God is on our side - Let us create Paradise’, Arcadia Exhibition, Stables Gallery, Orleans House, London, London Biennale 2006.

‘Celebration of Technology’, Human Technology Exhibition, Synergy
Gallery, London, London Biennale 2006.

‘Drawings’, Draw Drawing 2 Exhibition, The Foundry, London, London
Biennale 2006.

‘In Search of Cinderella’, London Biennale, Stu Dio RA, Rome, London
Biennale 2006.

'Viva España' Exhibition, SAL – Spanish Artists in London, Olympia,


'I Myself', 'Maze Self' Exhibition, Crypt Gallery, St Pancras, Euston, London.

'Forgotten Languages', Pieces by Eight Exhibition, London Gallery

West, University of Westminster, London.

'London Biennale Books', Exhibition 'London in Six Easy Steps', ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art), London.

'UNDECIM', Dolores de Sierra Gallery, Madrid, Spain.

'Hidden-Voices', Kingsgate Studios, London

'Colectiva', Dolores de Sierra Gallery, Madrid, Spain.

'Unclaimed Luggage', Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain.


'Being Human Now', Project 142, London.

'Acrobats and Font of Knowledge', Exhibitted at the Museum MAN, Liverpool Biennial 2004.

'Homage to 11M and Personal Relics', All for Love exhibition, Brompton Cemetary, London Biennale 2004.

'Drawing', Draw Drawing Exhibition, 32 Gallery, London, London Biennale 2004.

'Eros-Arrows Exhibition', Curator, The Foundry Gallery, London, London Biennale 2004.

'Font of Knowledge', E=MC2 Exhibition, Physics Institute, London Biennale 2004.

'Under The Skin', Shoreditch Gallery, Shoreditch, London.


'Infidelity Installation', Changing Channels, Berlin.

'Chocolate Confessionary', 365 days of AREA10 Event, AREA10, Peckham, London.


'Undecim', 291 Gallery Show, London Biennale 2002, 291 Gallery,London.

'World Tea Party', London Biennale 2002, Horniman Museum, London.

'New Designers 2002', Business Design Centre, London.

Degree Show, University of Westminster.


'Handmade in Surrey', Temptations Gallery, Dorking.


Member's Selected Exhibition, London Potters, London.


'Perfect Partners', London Potters, Morley Gallery, London.

Group show at Hibiscus Gallery, Leamington Spa.


'Impressions', London Potters, Morley Gallery, London.